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Club Quarters Hotel White House, Washington DC is a brand-new hotel concept in Washington, DC. This luxury, full-service hotel is 1,650 feet north of the White House and 2.2 miles from Lafayette Square and overlooks Farragut Square.

A club living room with comfortable seating places for working, relaxing, or socialising, as well as a fitness facility featuring a Peloton® bike, are available to guests.

All of the monuments, museums, and the Washington DC city centre, as well as exquisite eating, world-class shopping, and entertainment, are all within a short walk.

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  • Washington DC

    The state of Washington is a part of the United States of America.
    It is bordered on the north by the Canadian province of British Columbia, on the east by the states of Idaho and Oregon, on the south by the Pacific Ocean, and on the west by the Canadian province of British Columbia.

    Olympia, the state capital, is located in the western section of the state, at the southern end of Puget Sound.
    The state’s coastal location and great harbours place it in a leadership position in trade with Alaska, Canada, and Pacific Rim countries.
    Cities in Washington have sister towns in a number of nations, and professional and commercial organisations in such cities frequently have Canadian members.

    Washington’s terrain and climate divide the state between a rainy western third and drier eastern two-thirds in the Cascade Range’s rain shadow.
    Agriculture, woods, and fisheries, as well as imported raw materials, are important sectors in western Washington, whereas wheat, irrigated crops, and animals are important in eastern Washington.

    The majority of people live in the densely populated Puget Sound region, which includes Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, and other cities.

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