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Holiday Inn Mexico Santa Fe is favorably located in the financially most important urban development and large corporate companies such as Microsoft, Ford, 3M, Chrysler, Nokia, Actinver among others, five minutes from Samara shopping center and Santa Fe mall. Holiday Inn Full Service Mexico Santa Fe, the perfect hotel for your stays for business trips and pleasure.

Located in the heart of the business area of Santa Fe and surrounded by the most important corporate offices in Mexico, such as Ford, 3M, Microsoft, Nokia, among others, which makes Holiday Inn Full Service your best option for your travels. business in Mexico City.

Also, we have a privileged location for people who like to go shopping or enjoy a family day: only five minutes away is Santa Fe Shopping Center, the largest in Mexico; Garden Santa Fe is just a few meters away, an innovative underground shopping center that is well worth visiting; at three minutes Plaza Samara, which has a special super market and restaurants for the most demanding tastes, and 10 minutes away from the urban park La Mexicana which is considered one of the lungs of Mexico City.

Holiday Inn Mexico Santa Fe Full Service offers the highest quality service and attention as well as first world facilities that will make your business trips a pleasure and your pleasure trips an unforgettable experience.

Travel Tips near Holiday Inn Mexico Santa Fe

  • Mexico City

    In the Mexican solar system, Mexico City is and has always been the sun.
    Despite been heavily chastised in the past, the city is now improving its image.
    Public areas are being revitalised, the culinary industry is growing, and a cultural revival is in full swing.
    Furthermore, the nation’s capital has generally managed to remove itself from the drug war, making it a safe haven of sorts.
    Rather from scaring away visitors, the 2017 earthquakes revealed a young culture that drew appreciation for its unity.

    A trip around the capital’s bustling downtown district exposes the city’s rich history, from pre-Hispanic and colonial splendour to its modern edge.
    Old-school cantinas, intriguing museums, inspired restaurants, and boating excursions along ancient canals provide plenty of escape valves in this high-octane megalopolis.
    With so much going on, you may want to reconsider your beach plans.

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