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The 5 star Hotel Casa Capsa is located in the historic centre of Bucharest and features brilliant chandeliers and baroque furnishings. It offers comfortable rooms and suites with matrimonial beds and fine decorations.

The Capsa can host large-scale events and exhibitions.
There are four magnificent restaurant salons as well as the Blue Conference Salon, which is elegantly outfitted.

Traditional handcrafted sweets, including as baklava, bonbons, and chocolates, are served at the Casa Capsa’s pastry shop, which are prepared according to the original recipe.

The on-site restaurant at the Casa Capsa hotel offers a 5% discount to hotel guests.

Travel Tips near Hotel Casa Capsa

  • Bucharest

    Bucharest is Romania’s principal entry point. Bucharest is a thriving city with numerous significant infrastructure projects transforming the city’s traditional appearance.

    Bucharest, once known as “Little Paris,” has evolved dramatically in recent years, and today it is a fascinating combination of old and new that bears little resemblance to its previous reputation.

    In Bucharest, it’s normal to see a 300-year-old cathedral next to a steel-and-glass tower, both of which are next to a communist-style building. According to Romanian tradition, a shepherd named Bucur, whose name literally means “joy,” created Bucharest on the banks of the Dambovita River.

    His flute playing is said to have wowed the crowds, and his hearty wine from surrounding vineyards endeared him to the local traders, who named the town after him.

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