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Brussels began as a peaceful town in the 10th century and grew over time, eventually constructing the spectacular La Grand-Place, which served as Belgium’s commercial and government core.
Even as it has grown into one of Europe’s largest metropolitan hubs, it has maintained its quaint 19th century attractiveness.

When it was designated as the European Union’s administrative capital in the 1990s, the city underwent a change, with hundreds of new buildings springing up to house the growing bureaucracy.
International firms flocked to the area, erecting contemporary skyscrapers and modernising the city’s former, rustic appearance.

Brussels is the international capital of politics and business, with a population of 1.8 million people.
Belgium has moved away from its historic Dutch origins since winning independence in 1830, and French is now the primary language.
Brussels, being a modern European capital, has hotels to suit every budget and level of comfort.

Thousands of original cartoon works, a library, and an Art Nouveau brasserie for a leisurely afternoon lunch make this a lovely monument to the genre.

Tourists and residents alike love Mannekin-Pis, the city’s renowned statue of a tinkling youngster.
The statue and fountain were once a practical part of the city’s water distribution system, but they have now become a symbol of the city’s rebellious attitude.

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