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Tourism in Chile is an invitation hard to refuse, from the extreme north with the world’s driest desert to the austral south with permanent ice and inverted waterfalls.
Learn about tourism in Chile and be fascinated by the sights and sounds of the world’s southernmost country.

Deep blue lagoons, little communities where native customs are preserved, and huge cities with stunning beaches contrast with the peacefulness of vast sandy esplanades and bright sunshine.

Central Chile, nestled in a plain of small valleys and coastal resorts, is one of the most inhabited places in the country and offers a diverse range of activities, from the mountains to the beaches.

The magical Rapa Nui culture pervades the entire island, giving life to one of the world’s most iconic places.
Pink sand beaches, volcanoes, and grasslands, as well as over a thousand Moais, are just a few of the island’s highlights.

The rain pours down heavily on millennia-old ancient forests rich in lush vegetation and wildlife, before giving way to a deep blue sky.

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