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Geneva is a French city. Genève, German Genf, Italian Ginevra, city in the far southwestern corner of Switzerland that juts into France, and capital of Genève canton.
Geneva, one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, has served as a model for republican democracy and owes its dominance to human, not geographic, causes.
It took on its own personality in the 16th century, when it became known as “Protestant Rome” as the epicentre of the Calvinist Reformation.

The canton of Genève covers a total area of 109 square miles (282 square kilometres), with the city proper covering seven square miles.
This region has long been known for its territorial isolation, as it did not create definitive borders until 1815.

Geneva was compelled to build an attenuated but powerful network of intellectual and commercial contacts with the rest of Europe and nations outside of Europe after the Reformation cut it off politically and culturally from its natural geographic surroundings in Roman Catholic France and Savoy.

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