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Milan is an Italian city. Milano is the capital of both the Milano province (provincia) and the Lombardy (Lombardia) region (regione).
It is Italy’s most prosperous manufacturing and commercial metropolis, as well as its primary financial centre.

Milan, Italy’s most important economic centre, owes this to its geographic location, which has historically favoured it as a market centre; indeed, the country’s most important wholesale marketplaces are still in Milan.
The city is situated at the crossroads of the Po River valley’s trade routes, on the dividing line between advanced agriculture in the fertile irrigated plains of the south and limited farmland in the north.
Milan is also on the primary highway that connects Italy to the rest of Europe.
The city’s commercial activity was further boosted by industrial expansion in the twentieth century.
The export trade was crucial; Milanese exports comprised artificial fibres, cotton and wool goods, chemical products, and so on.

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