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Monterrey is Mexico’s third-largest metropolis, second-largest industrial centre, and top-earning city. This economic powerhouse boasts a strong entrepreneurial attitude, a thriving cultural scene, dynamic universities, and a hipster nightlife scene in the city.

Monterrey is the centre of one of the country’s most populous urban areas.
It is also the key to Nuevo León’s place as Mexico’s third largest state economy, after the Federal District and the state of México, with a mix of services and manufacturing.
Steel sheet-rolls and a variety of other metal goods are produced by heavy industries like ironworks and steelworks.

Textiles, beer, processed foods, chemicals, and glass and plastic items are among Monterrey’s many light manufacturing industries.
Cotton, citrus fruits, sugarcane, cereals (particularly corn [maize] and wheat), and vegetables are all cultivated on the piedmont to the north and east of the city.

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