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For nearly 1,000 years, Rome, Italy, was the wealthiest and most powerful city in the world, serving as the seat of the Roman Empire.
Despite the fact that the Roman Empire has long since crumbled, Rome’s greatness lives on. It’s impossible to visit Rome without becoming enthralled by its incredible history.
As you explore the city, art, culture, and religion present a broad array of sights to enjoy. A trip to Rome isn’t complete without a stop at one of the city’s museums or galleries.
The Sistine Chapel, Greek and Roman sculptures, and a large collection of artworks can all be found in the Vatican Museums.
The Capitoline Venus is one of the most well-known statues in the Musei Capitolino.

Despite its small size, the Galleria Borghese houses a stunning collection of Raphael and Caravaggio paintings.
The Boncompagni Ludovisi collection alone has 104 sculptures at the Palazzo Altemps of the National Roman Museum.

Some of Rome’s most exquisite artworks can be seen in their original homes rather in museums, as you will undoubtedly discover.
Carrara marble statues stand against a travertine façade at the Trevi Fountain.
Toss a penny into the fountain, and tradition has it that it will transport you back to Rome.

Exploring the city on foot is the ideal plan for shopping and dining.
Take a stroll from Piazza Navona through Campo de’ Fiori to Piazza Farnese and the Tiber River’s Ponte Sisto.
From Piazza Venezia to Piazza del Popolo, walk the Via del Corso.
A wandering tour of Rome can always lead to unexpected discoveries.

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