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Here’s an insider’s guide to the spots in Switzerland that will make your trip unforgettable.

The Alps run through 60% of the country, and the landscapes and towns look like they were created by a child with a lot of imagination. We’re talking glacier-capped peaks, crashing waterfalls, and azure blue lakes; crimson trains winding up to incredible heights, meadows ringing with cowbells that you can skip down with Heidi-like delight, and storybook turreted castles.

Even the most culturally rich cities have stunning vineyard, lake, or river settings, and the mountains are never far away. Switzerland is unrivalled in terms of natural beauty.

The great marvel of Switzerland is how easily all of this is reached — whether by rail, bicycle, boat, car, or foot. This small Alpine country packs a multitude of adventures into one well-planned journey. Spend the morning browsing cutting-edge art galleries and the afternoon hammering the slopes.
Hike alongside a glacier in Valais or relax on a palm-rimmed plaza in Ticino, which has an Italian flavour.

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