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Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, offers the whole tourist package, with an unending number of things to do. One of the city’s greatest attractions is its natural surroundings.
It is a unique city because of its placement between the mountains and the seashore. Elvila National Park is the region’s “lung” and a national symbol for Venezuelans.
Mount Avila, one of the park’s tallest peaks, is one of Caracas’ most popular tourist attractions. The road to the top of the mountain can be travelled on foot or by automobile, but the cable car from the city to the summit is unquestionably the original option.
The most important buildings in Caracas can be seen from above.

You’ll probably notice the Central Park skyscrapers, which are home to some of South America’s tallest structures, as well as the Center Simon Bolivar, which is noted for its modern architecture.

There are numerous additional sights to see in Caracas as well.
Many colonial structures have been saved by the city, and others are in excellent shape.
The birthplace of Simon Bolivar, the Cathedral, and the home Anauco Arriba, Caracas’ oldest building, are two of the city’s many historical attractions.

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